Harleys Incredible Journey smiling with mom
Harley’s Incredible Journey
Harley is an Easterseals UCP client with cerebral palsy and autism. He lives in one of our Alternative Family Living homes. Harley has been on an incredible journey of gaining independence and developing life skills.
Harleys Incredible JourneyHarley came to Easterseals UCP when he was just a child. It is quite common for individuals with autism to exhibit severe behaviors that include screaming, tantrums and head banging. When Harley unexpectedly began screaming uncontrollably, it was frightening and his family was at a loss for what to do. Easterseals UCP rallied our internal resources from both mental and behavioral health. Our Autism and ABA team identified the cause of his behaviors through a functional analysis. Through the use of assistive technology, Harley learned to communicate effectively without screaming!

As Harley got older he wanted to live more independently. Easterseals UCP’s Transition to Independent Living team was right there to help when he was ready to leave his family’s home. We connected him with his Alternative Family Living (AFL) provider and a roommate who helps Harley live independently! They work on important daily living skills including laundry, cleaning up after a snack, chores grocery shopping and even working out at the gym! Harley enjoys his newfound independence and continues on his journey with the help of Easterseals UCP.

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