Stephen's Duck Collection
How Stephen’s Duck Collection Changed His Life

Hi! My name is Stephen. I’m 25-years old. I live with cerebral palsy and I’m a rubber duckie collector. I enjoy watching TV, movies, cartoons and football. I love music and listen to everything from pop, country and rock to worship music. I also love technology. It has been a game changer for my music and lets me connect with other people online.

Stephen smiling with duck collectionWhen I was 3 years old, I watched an episode of VeggieTales about “King George and the Ducky.” I still have it on DVD. I also love “Lucky Duck,” a Disney movie about a rubber duckie rejected because he couldn’t squeak but was determined to find a kid who would play with him in the bathtub. I started collecting rubber duckies in elementary school when I heard Ernie on Sesame Street sing the “Rubber Duckie” song. I play it while taking my bath.

After my sister was born, my dad put a rubber duckie under my head. When my dad gave me a bath, he would squirt the rubber duckie and it made me laugh so hard. I played with it every time I took a bath. One evening I could not find it. It made me sad so I bought a new one and started collecting rubber duckies!

In high school, I stopped collecting them because I was afraid the other kids might pick on me and say mean things. But I still thought about them. In my junior year, I got a Green Bay Packers rubber duckie. I didn’t tell anyone because I was shy and scared of getting embarrassed.

In the summer of 2016, I was in the hospital with pneumonia. I was angry with God and felt like he abandoned me. I was weak to say that, but thank God I survived. It was scary. When I got out of the hospital, the first thing I wanted to do was take a bath with my Green Bay Packers rubber duckie. My dad put it in the bathtub and the next thing I know I am collecting rubber duckies again! I will play with them forever and I’m not afraid to share my collection anymore.

Today, I have about 600 rubber duckies and I bathe with 15 of them at a time. I love the classic yellow ones and the squeaky sound when you squeeze it. I’m inspired by Charlotte Lee, who has more than 9,000 rubber duckies. Maybe one day I will be like her and have a lot of rubber duckies!

Having cerebral palsy can be challenging but I am very independent. I’m very grateful for the support I receive from Easterseals UCP. I was popular at school because I’m a little spark and that spark is special to my family and my friends. Even though I love my rubber duckies, my smile is how a lot of people know me. I am very passionate about my faith and the kindness that I share with the world. My rubber duckies also help with my grip on everyday things like the TV remote control and my phone, although I use my toes to type and operate my devices. I am blessed to have these gifts.

I have three big dreams for the future.

  1. Keep collecting rubber duckies.
  2. Stephen's Duck Story

    *Update: Stephen published his book! Click to purchase.

    Finish my children’s picture book, “The Adventures of Bubble Boy,” about a superhero trying to save rubber duckies before bath time.

  3. Get a bigger bathtub so I have more room to play with my rubber duckies.

I love rubber duckies so much! I can’t take a bath without them. They make me feel happy and it’s a stress reliever for my anxiety. Thank you for checking me out. I hope you enjoy my story.

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