Celebrating Noah during Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month
Celebrating Noah During CP Awareness Month

We are celebrating Noah this Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. Noah is an ambitious young man with a ton of determination. He was born blind and with cerebral palsy. However, this does not get in the way of what he wants to accomplish.

As we raise awareness this month for cerebral palsy, we celebrate the successes of people with this disability. When Noah was a child, his mother vehemently advocated for him. She found the best services included therapy from Easterseals UCP where he received personal care and community-based services.

celebrating-noah-during-cerebral-palsy-awareness-monthNoah lives with cerebral palsy and thrives at Easterseals UCP.  At the age of 29, Noah is leading a productive life. He works as an administrative assistant in the Easterseals UCP Employment Services office where he answers phones and assists with uploading documents. Through the use of a screen-reading software with voice output, he is productive in the office.

Twanya Headen, Easterseals UCP Community Resource Trainer Team Lead, is Noah’s supervisor overseeing his support from Employment Services.

“He doesn’t let his vision impairment get in the way of his goals,” says Twanya. “Noah goes above and beyond to get his work done and I can’t imagine doing my job without him. He’s an amazing addition to our team!”

Easterseals UCP supports Noah with assistance with transportation to work and also moving about with his walker at the office. Twanya said, “Noah is more than his disability. He has a great personality, a strong work ethic and isn’t afraid to take on something new.”

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