In-Home Skill Building

Intensive, short-term skill building

Easterseals UCP’s In-Home Skill Building team provides habilitation and teaches individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to acquire and maintain skills that lead to greater independence.

The Individual and Community Services team supports individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). We provide one-to-one services uniquely tailored to help each unique person acquire and maintain daily living skills.

In-Home Skill Building (IHSB) is a one time, one-year, intensive habilitation service to help an individual turnaround one or more documented functional deficits. IHSB is individualized, specific and consistent with the individual’s assessed disability and specific needs. Individuals receive a comprehensive skills and preference assessment to identify the potential skills to be developed. IHSB is not provided in excess of those needs.

Our IHSB services are B3 funded and available to individuals with IDD and eligible for Medicaid services based on medical necessity, but have not yet been awarded Innovations Waiver funding.

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