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Donating stock is an excellent choice!

Easterseals UCP donors may receive tax benefits for donating stock that have been held for more than one year and have appreciated in value since purchase. It is important that you notify our development team of your intent to donate securities so we can assist in the donation process and appropriately identify you in our system. We also want to thank you for your generous gift and acknowledge your gift for IRS purposes. Securities are sold with no commissions upon receipt and your gift value is based on the proceeds.

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Make checks payable and mail to
Development Team
Easterseals UCP
5171 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 211
Raleigh, NC 27612

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Consider donating stock to Easterseals UCP

Connect directly with Marta Quintana, our Chief Development Officer, if you need assistance or would like information on other ways to give.

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