Autism Services

Focus on your strengths

The prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) has continually increased since the 1960s and we are here to help individuals thrive. Easterseals UCP’s Autism services focuses on strengths, rather than challenges, to help those we support reach their full potential. To accomplish this, we use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which combines an understanding of human behavior with teaching core daily living skills, communication and social skills. This progressive method allows individuals to thrive by focusing on learning in their natural environments.

Our autism services help children, adults and families. We work with children and adults who have an existing diagnosis by helping them and their caretakers develop the skills, tools and resources they need to live full lives. Our specialty-trained clinical team works with families to perform comprehensive assessments and develop six-month treatment plans to meet their needs. Our support services are provided in a variety of settings including the home, Easterseals UCP clinics and in the community.

Our team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Behavior Technicians are trained to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based services designed with flexibility, compassion and cultural humility. We recognize that no two brains are wired the same or produce the same behaviors. When you work with us, we help create solutions that provide wellness and autonomy for your family throughout a lifetime of development from childhood to adulthood including:

  • Communicating and relating to others.
  • Developing self-soothing skills.
  • Developing routines to complete tasks.
  • Embracing unique understandings of the world.
  • Learning visually from observing surroundings.
  • Reaching for the stars!

Signs and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can vary in severity of symptoms, age of onset and the presence of various features such as language and intellectual ability. The manifestations of ASD can differ considerably across individuals. Even though there are strong and consistent commonalities there is no single behavior that is always present with ASD and no behavior that would automatically exclude an individual from diagnosis of ASD.

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Boys with autism under blanket watching a movie

Boy with autism holds toy dinosaur and smiles

ABA services for life-long skill building

Easterseals UCP provides Applied Behavior Analysis services to ensure that individuals living with all disabilities develop to the best of their ability. We help people living with all disabilities including intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health challenges and Autism Spectrum Disorder reach their goals.

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Here’s what our team members are saying…

“As a BCBA and the parent of a child living with autism, I recognize our service model as one with great integrity and delivered with compassion.”

“I believe in our organization’s purpose and I embrace the culture. Family is most important to me and Easterseals UCP feels like family.”

“My instructors were consistently comparing Easterseals UCP program to others. Once I began working here, I fell in love with the program and how we serve the community. The kids make me want to be a better person.”

“Each client’s plan of care is individualized to fit the family’s beliefs and current needs. We are committed to investing in others, which is why I love working here.”

“I’m an advocate for our Spanish-speaking families so they know they are in good hands with us.”

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