Community Support Team

Support for adults living with mental illness

The Community Support Team provides direct support to adults who need extensive treatment and are living with a diagnosis of mental illness, substance use or co-morbid disorder. Support consists of community-based mental health and substance use services, along with structured rehabilitative interventions. We help individuals live successfully in the community.

The Community Support team approach involves structured, face-to-face therapeutic interventions that assist in helping individuals with their many facets of their life: emotional, behavioral, social, safety, housing, medical and health, educational, vocational and legal.

Our Community Support Team is designed to provide:

  • First responder intervention to deescalate a crisis.
  • Restorative interventions for development of interpersonal, community, coping and independent living skills.
  • Service coordination and ensure linkage to community services and resources.
  • Symptom stability by reducing presenting psychiatric or substance use disorder symptoms.

Intervention is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days-a-year and delivered by our Community Support Team, who maintain contact and intervene as one organizational unit. Services are provided through a team approach and discrete interventions may be delivered by any one or more team members if clinically indicated.

Community Support Teams are made up of four Easterseals UCP team members that include a Licensed Team Lead, Licensed Co-Occurring Disorder Specialist, Qualified Professional and a Peer Support Specialist. This team works together to help individuals achieve their personal goals, increase and maintain independence and develop social ties and supports within their community.

Our Community Support Team helps individuals several ways

Housing Assistance

We help explore different forms of assistance and housing programs to provide support during the housing search.

  • Utilities and Lease Signing – We help set up utilities and with the lease signing in addition to researching any financial supports that could assist in achieving independent living.
  • Apartment Set-Up – We assist in setting up the apartment and ensuring individuals have all the items needed to successfully living independently.
  • Neighborly Communications – We are available to support individuals in communicating with landlords and neighbors if needed.
Person Centered and Crisis Planning

We help the identify strengths, goals and needs that need to be incorporated into a comprehensive plan

  • Health and Safety – We help develop plans to address maintaining good health and safety.
  • Support and Education – We provide support and education on topics of living independently which includes coping with the stress of living in a new home and living in unfamiliar surroundings for the first time.
  • Integrated Care – We help individual coordinate with their medical and mental health providers to assist in following treatment and medication recommendations.
24/7 Crisis Support

We provide 24/7/365 crisis services that includes any mental health or housing crisis.

Substance Use Therapy

We can provide therapy for substance use and counseling for reducing the harm that can be associated with substance use.

Community Engagement

We help individuals find and pursue community involvement like day programs, community meet ups, school and volunteer opportunities.

  • Employment Referrals – We can provide referrals to employment services.
  • Budget Assistance – We can help individuals plan and maintain the budget.
  • Home Funding – We assist individuals (who are eligible) apply for special assistance in home funding after the individual moves into their home.
  • Transportation Assistance – We help individuals become familiar and comfortable using transportation services.
  • Referral Assistance – We can assistant with referrals to additional services as needed or desired.
Women on Community Support Team

Here’s what our clients are saying…

“I didn’t have anywhere to stay and had a lot of things going on with me. Easterseals UCP went to bat for me and they found me a place to live. I’m moving into my apartment and I am so happy and thankful for them.”

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