Mental Health for Youth

Person-Centered Care

We provide services to youth with mental health challenges.

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We serve counties in North Carolina and Virginia.

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Children experience mental health challenges too

Knowing where to turn during challenging times is important. That’s why we are here for you! Easterseals UCP offer services and resources for parents, families and caregivers who are:

  • Observing the child’s unusual and unexplained negative behavior changes.
  • Experiencing vulnerability because of a child’s connection to the legal system.
  • Increasingly engaged in unusual and unhealthy arguments with the child.
  • Noticing significant negative changes in the child’s mood and interactions with others.
  • Considering out-of-home treatment options for their child.

Boy with mental health challenges waving

Helping your child overcome mental health challenges

Easterseals UCP is committed to helping individuals overcome mental health challenges. We want to help you find hope and motivation. Our person-centered support services are based on research and designed to help address a wide-variety of mental health needs. We believe individuals seeking help for mental illness or substance use disorders should feel empowered and supported – not ashamed or embarrassed.

For more information on how we can support you and your family, please view our list of programs below.