Applied Behavior Analysis

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA combines an understanding of human behavior with teaching core daily living skills, communication and social skills. This progressive method allows individuals to thrive by focusing on learning in their natural environments.

The ABA approach breaks down skills into small steps to teach individuals based on their unique needs and strengths. ABA helps improve skills across several areas including language and communication, social and play skills, functional and daily living skills, attention and focus as well as academic earning. ABA also decreases social problems and challenging behaviors, such as self-injury and aggression.

What is included with Applied Behavior Analysis services?

We offer a variety of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children, adults and families.

Therapist-Led ABA with Caregiver Engagement

Our therapists provide fun and individualized treatment to your child under the supervision of a Master’s level practitioner. This service focuses on skill-building for your child and encourages caregiver involvement to maximize your child’s overall ABA progress.

Caregiver-Led ABA

Caregivers learn tools and strategies to effectively support a child’s growth and development. This service empowers caregivers and leads to a more balanced home life.

School and Community Integration

Our team partners with a child’s school or day placement to provide recommendations and strategies to increase their success in school and/or the community.

Life-Long Skill Building

Our ABA services ensure individuals with autism are developed to the best of their ability. We help individuals with autism develop:

• Adaptive and self-care skills
• Attending and social referencing
• Cognitive functioning
• Community participation
• Coping and tolerance skills
• Emotional development
• Family relationships
• Language and communication
• Play and leisure skills
• Pre-academic skills
• Reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors
• Safety skills
• Self-advocacy and independence
• Self-management
• Social relationships
• Vocational skills

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