Easterseals UCP's EMPOWER Program Participants Playing and Smiling
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Easterseals UCP’s EMPOWER Program Opens in Jacksonville
Jacksonville North Carolina's Chamber of Commerce welcomes Easterseals…
Client William Shavuo with support team members’ Darius Kolar, Joshua Allender, and Joel Hill, standing behind.
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Mental Health Support Goes the Extra Mile
This article was written by Mia Khatib of The Triangle Tribune.   Mental…
Easterseals UCP foster family smiling in pink shirts
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Foster Love, Foster Hope
In North Carolina, there are more than 15,000 children in foster…
Beaufort Music Festival supports music therapy
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Beaufort Music Festival Donates to EMPOWER Program
Beaufort Arts and Music organizers, Beaufort Music Festival and…
Alan smiling How to Become a Better Mental Health Advocate
Disability Awareness
How to Become a Better Mental Health Advocate
Have you ever wondered how you can become a better advocate for…
Marly's story of impact
Culture Matters to Child First NC
Marly is a Child First Clinical Supervisor with Easterseals UCP.…
National Foster Care Month
Celebrating National Foster Care Month
May is National Foster Care Month. Did you know that half a million…
Program Pilot is a Recipe for Success
Program News
Program Pilot is a Recipe for Success!
Culinary Connection's Recipe for Independence is a recipe for…
Investing in Mission-Based Outcomes
Investing in Mission-Based Outcomes
Dr. Shanun Kunnavatana, the former Clinical Director of Easterseals…
SunEnergy1 Donation Funds Smoothie Shop
SunEnergy1 Donation Funds Smoothie Shop
Nothing brings people together like a good smoothie! As part…