Child First NC

Promoting mental wellness for children and families

Child First helps struggling families build strong relationships that heal and protect young children from trauma and stress. We use a two-generation approach, working with parents and children together in their home. This is the best way to stabilize the family and build safe, responsive, nurturing relationships. Research shows this protects the child’s developing brain from damage. Even in the face of extreme challenges, our Child First children and families are making incredible progress.

Child First is an evidence‐based, early childhood program that works to prevent or decrease the devastating effects of early childhood adversity. Research shows that extremely high‐stress environments are toxic to a child’s developing brain and will result in lifelong health and emotional problems if nothing is done to intervene. Child First is a home‐based intervention model that works with the caregiver and child in their home or community.

Child First services are delivered by a two‐person team:

  • Licensed Clinician who specializes in early childhood development.
  • Family Resource Partner who works with the entire family. Focuses on the sources of stress that impact the family. Coordinates services for issues including: housing, employment, food, domestic violence, depression, drug and alcohol issues, and other physical, social and behavioral health services.
Young Child First NC client smiling with hoodie on

Child First NC works with children and families to achieve their goals

  • Reduce behavioral and emotional problems.
  • Improve success in school and life.
  • Increase parent/child understanding and improve connection to one another.
  • Empower caregivers to be strong, kind, wise and loving.
  • Decrease stress and overwhelming feelings from past and present life challenges.
  • Create family connections to community-based supports and services.
  • Improve confidence and focus so you can reach your future goals.

Child First NC Results

In 2021, families who participated in Child First reported improvements in the following areas that were identified as areas of concern at baseline:


of families reported
improvements in
child language skills.


of families reported
improvements in
parent-child relationships.


of families reported
improvement in
child behaviors.


of families reported
a reduction in
parent stress.

Here’s what our team members are saying…

“The father we provided Child First services to was very pleased with the progress that his child made. The child shared that she loved school and continued to play and engage with her father. He reported no longer being concerned that his child was not happy and that their renewed relationship was all they needed to be happy!”

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