Busy Beats Music Group

Spark your child’s creativity through music

Busy Beats Music Group creates opportunities for children of all abilities to have fun and learn through music. Our program offers group interactions; skill building through music; dancing, singing and playing instruments; opportunities for parent or caregiver involvement; take-home activities for parents/caregivers and developmental screenings to track skill building.

Music helps kids increase their language, problem solving and social skills. Studies show that children who participate in music programs led by a Music Therapist-Board Certified (MT-BC) during early childhood have an increase in their language, problem solving and appropriate social skills. Busy Beats Music Group works on language skills through imitation, sign language, filling in blanks within songs and so much more.

Social skills are improved by taking turns, sharing instruments, greeting others through song and building stronger attachments with caregivers. Problem solving skills are achieved by following directions, holding onto and playing smaller instruments as intended, copying dance moves and transitioning between activities.

The group provides a developmentally-appropriate learning experience in a fun and enriching music environment.

  • Open to all children with all ability levels.
  • Children are encouraged to practice their skills through peer-to-peer learning.
  • Parents are involved in group sessions to encourage their children, participate in activities and to be models for how to listen and have fun!

Activities include: dancing, sing-a-longs, playing instruments (everything from large drums, to whistles, guitar and more!), as well as lullaby bonding time with the child’s parent or caregiver. The group has structured activities with specific goals to work on developmental skills and opportunities for children to explore their musical curiosities. Parents are also given handouts with ideas for how to use specific songs and activities at home, so the fun doesn’t end when they leave the group!

Sessions last 45 minutes each and run for 10-week periods. Each group has a maximum of ten children plus parents or caregivers. Waiting lists are created as needed. The in-person fun takes place at our office in Salem, Virginia.

Busy Beats also offers virtual classes that can take place from anywhere! All you need is an internet connection.

The Busy Beats experience

The Busy Beats Music Group offers: 

  • Group interactions 
  • Skill building through music 
  • Dancing, singing and playing instruments 
  • Opportunities for parent/caregiver involvement 
  • Take-home activities for parents/caregivers 
  • Developmental screenings to track skill building 

Here’s what our clients are saying…

“Ms. Hope and Busy Beats are very engaging and fun for little ones and their parents. I would highly recommend it! It’s a great bonding experience for you and your child.”

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