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Focus on Strengths

We provide services to individuals from 18 months old up to 22 years old.

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We serve the following counties in North Carolina: Craven, Guilford, Mecklenburg, New Hanover and Wake.

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A lifecycle of solutions for Autism through Applied Behavior Analysis

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in 59 children in the United States has autism. The prevalence is four times higher among boys than girls. Only 42% of children with autism have a diagnostic evaluation by age 3, despite 85% showing some signs of the condition at that age. Early identification, evaluation and intervention are critical.

Easterseals UCP supports individuals on the autism spectrum throughout their entire lifecycle. Our team focuses on strengths, rather than challenges, to help those we support reach their full potential.

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Achieve your goals with Applied Behavior Analysis

Easterseals UCP’s Applied Behavior Analysis services ensure that individuals with disabilities develop to the best of their ability. We use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which combines an understanding of human behavior with teaching core daily living skills, communication and social skills. This progressive method allows individuals to thrive by focusing on learning in their natural environments to help them reach their goals.

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