Irving received Tailored Care Management Services
Mental Health
The Case for Tailored Care Management
Irving lives in Elizabeth City, NC. He has both physical…
Nicholas at the computer
Stories of Hope
Hello Nicholas!
We recently reconnected with Nicholas, who first received…
Macari holding a football
Individual + Community Services
Best Weekend Ever!
Macari is a vibrant 16-year-old living in Charlotte, NC who has…
Chris and Cody
Program News
Served His Country, Now Serving His Family
Every year, on November 11, we celebrate Veteran’s Day, a national…
Krystal with American flag
Mental Health
Celebrating Citizenship!
Celebrating Citizenship! Krystal was born in Jamaica and…
Wraparound Unwrapped Poem and Art
Stories of Hope
Wraparound Unwrapped
"Take Your Poet to Work Day" is an annual celebration that…
Ben's story of growth
Stories of Hope
Ben’s Story of Growth
Ben came to Easterseals UCP (ESUCP) when he was just 5 years…
Grayson Smiling Steps Toward Independence
Stories of Hope
Grayson Steps Toward Independence
Meet Grayson! Grayson’s family adopted him when he was born…
Stephen's Duck Collection
Stories of Hope
How Stephen’s Duck Collection Changed His Life
Hi! My name is Stephen. I’m 25-years old. I live with cerebral…
Fostering a Love of Sports and Painting
Stories of Hope
Fostering a Love of Sports and Painting
Our group home resident fosters a love of sports and painting…