Easterseals UCP Awarded Six Seals
Easterseals UCP Awarded Six “Seals” by Trillium Health Resources!

For the second consecutive year, Trillium Health Resources has awarded Easterseals UCP each of its six Valued Providers Program Seals. Each seal recognizes a “commitment to care, unparalleled work ethic and going above and beyond the mission” in providing the best care possible for children, adults and families with disabilities and behavioral health challenges.

Easterseals UCP Awarded Six Seals

“I’m incredibly proud of our team members who are the true recipients of this award,” says Denise Mannon, Easterseals UCP’s Chief Compliance Officer. “Trillium’s Valued Providers Seal Program is an example of true partnership. It also directly aligns with our purpose-driven commitment to provide meaningful and exceptional services so that children, adults and families with disabilities and mental health challenges can live, learn, work and play in their communities.”

To be eligible, prospective providers must first demonstrate quality services and meet rigorous operational criteria. This includes a comprehensive application process encompassing credentialing, confirmation with Division of Health Benefits (DHB) on any existing provider issues and onsite visits. Trillium also initiates audits and monitoring activities on a scheduled and ad hoc basis. Each provider contract may include specific expectations regarding wait time for appointments, staff training and member communications to ensure compliance with the goals of North Carolina Medicaid.

  1. Gold – Awarded as the highest level of achievement for demonstrating “whole person care.”
  2. Green – Awarded for meeting and adhering to accreditation credentialing standards and policy requirements.
  3. Yellow – Awarded to Behavioral Health Providers for evidence in providing three or more continuum care services.
  4. Blue – Awarded to Large Agency Providers serving more than 150 members annually within 10 different counties in North Carolina.
  5. Purple – Awarded for implementing two evidence-based practice treatment modalities.
  6. Orange – Awarded to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities providers for consistently providing three or more services.

About Trillium Health Resources
Trillium Health Resources is a leading specialty care manager (LME/MCO) for individuals with substance use, mental illness, and intellectual/developmental disabilities in 28 counties in eastern North Carolina. Trillium’s mission is to transform the lives of people in need by providing them with ready access to quality care. We take a person-centered approach to health and wellbeing, coordinating care across multiple systems to achieve improved health outcomes, quality of care and efficient use of resources. Trillium is investing in innovation to meet the unique needs of the individuals and communities we serve, and remains focused on delivering the right services, in the right amount, at the right time. For more information, visit TrilliumHealthResources.org.

Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia is a trustworthy, compassionate partner providing exceptional disability and behavioral health services to help our neighbors live their best lives. Purpose, dedication and empathy drive our service delivery. Our diverse and inclusive 2,300 member team provides more than 9 million hours of meaningful support to 22,000 kids, adults and families in 11,000 home and community locations.