Ms. Yancey and Rebecca
A Beautiful Love Story

More than 15,000 foster children in North Carolina need a loving home. Easterseals UCP helps more than 270 of them each year. We train and support foster parents and families throughout the state to provide the best out-of-home care for foster children of all ages. We recently had the honor of sitting down with Rebecca, who was in Easterseals UCP’s foster care program before becoming an adult and Ms. Yancey, one of her foster moms. Theirs is a beautiful story of love and how Easterseals UCP is helping to Foster Love and Foster Hope with the families we support.

Rebecca was in foster careRebecca’s story
“My name is Rebecca. I’m 21 years old. My baby girl is 20 months old and I just got married. It’s a lot. If you see me today, you might not believe my journey. My life hasn’t been easy but it changed for the better when Ms. Yancey warmly greeted me into her home as my foster mom.

I was 16 years old when I first met Ms. Yancey. By this time, I had gone through quite a bit of trauma and had been in and out of ten different foster homes. My guard was up and I was prepared to just get through yet another home and make it to 18, when I could live on my own. At that time, I really didn’t know how to receive love and self-sabotaged many situations because that was most comfortable for me.

However, from the first day, Ms. Yancey was warm, welcoming and continued to show that she cared. Her love was sneaky! Unlike many of the other situations I had faced, Ms. Yancey made me feel like she wanted me there…and she could really cook! She knew about my past but never judged me for what had happened on my worst days. Her house was clean and it seemed like she was prepared for me to live with her. She listened more than she talked and she matched my teenage self-destruction with understanding and open arms. It was such a different foster experience that it was uncomfortable at first. However, Ms. Yancey was really good to me and became one of the most important people in my life. Today, she is my family and I’m doing well because of her. She was at my wedding and my daughter loves her almost as much as I do!

If someone is thinking about fostering, they should only do it if they are serious and ready for the responsibility. No matter how long a child is in a foster home, we remember it and it effects our life. Foster parents should love kids, be kind and provide a clean safe environment. Fostering is a commitment, not an experiment.”

Ms. Yancey is a foster momMs. Yancey’s Story
“My name is Ms. Yancey and I’ve been a foster parent for 9 years. During this time, I’ve fostered 11 different kids and I’m currently fostering a wonderful 8-year old. People say I have a loving spirit but I’m just myself. When my husband died, my sister-in-law encouraged me to reach out to Easterseals UCP to become a foster parent. I’m so glad I did, because becoming a foster parent has been one of the best decisions of my life.

When I met Rebecca, she was 16 and like all my foster children, I took her at face value and promised to form opinions based on our experiences, not on a DSS (Department of Social Services) file. I welcomed Rebecca into my home with open arms and just did the best I knew how. I listened to her and let her make her own decisions…but I was there to help guide her in the right direction. When she was in my care, I took Rebecca everywhere I went. Everybody fell in love with her because when she walks into a room, everything gets bright and joyful. I love her and she will always be one of my children. It’s very rewarding to see Rebecca doing well. I’m so proud seeing her now, married and a mother.

Easterseals UCP was a big help and it’s why I’ve only fostered through them. It takes a village to raise a child. The whole team is hands on. They come to visit in person, not just a phone call. They are very attentive to the children and to me as a foster parent. They become part of the family and listen when you have concerns. They are never judgmental and have always respected the boundaries of my home.

If someone is thinking about becoming a foster parent, they should call Easterseals UCP and talk to them. Be yourself and know that the kids you’ll bring into your home have experienced trauma. I would tell someone to meet the young person where they are and just do your best to support them.”

Thank you, Rebecca and Ms. Yancey, for sharing your stories. Please consider becoming a foster parent. We host free Zoom info sessions on the first and third Tuesday of the month. All are welcomed to join, meet our team and ask questions. To learn more, visit

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