Wraparound Unwrapped Poem and Art
Wraparound Unwrapped

Wraparound Unwrapped Poem and Art

“Take Your Poet to Work Day” is an annual celebration that falls on the third Wednesday of July. This celebration brings poetry to the workplace, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We have the pleasure of celebrating our very own poet here at Easterseals UCP. Lori is a Family Support Partner for our High Fidelity Wraparound Program. She uses poetry to express her appreciation for the work she does. Below is one of Lori’s most recent poems.

The Muse by Lori Ann Walton

On a sun porch….
in the misty rain….
overlooking a beautiful street with bold, flirtatious trees…
an FSP & a Facilitator used paint therapy–
to connect with an over extended mother… and her sweet

The assignment?
The assignment was simple….
To use (the youth/daughter) as a muse and paint how she
inspires us through color.
One catch…
(The youth/daughter) chooses one color as the central theme
in all our paintings.

She chose the color green….
And we painted….
and cried….
and laughed…
and painted some more…
and reminded the muse of her greatness…(both known & unknown)…

And even though….
the rain continued….
despite the attention seeking trees…
I swear I saw the sun….
its innocence was wrapped in endless possibility….
yet unwrapped by the moment…
on a sun porch…
in the misty rain….
shining ever so brightly…
brightly around and undeniably within…
within the MUSE …
the Muse …

Lori is our celebrated poet for “Take Your Poet to Work Day.” She inspires us to see the beauty in the work we do. Learn more about Easterseals UCP’s High Fidelity Wraparound Program here.

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