Irving received Tailored Care Management Services
The Case for Tailored Care Management

Irving lives in Elizabeth City, NC. He has both physical and mental health challenges. His living situation was compromised by crime and constant violence happening right outside his door. He felt trapped inside his own home and his hope was slipping because he could not find affordable housing. To compound the situation, Irving also needed to have multiple surgeries to relieve pain and maintain his mobility. After surgery, the doctors advised that someone needed to stay with him during recovery. However, Irving’s home wasn’t safe and he couldn’t have anyone stay with him, which made it impossible to schedule surgery.

At just the right time, Irving received a life-changing call from PORT Health’s Tailored Care Management team who was able to help him receive North Carolina Medicaid benefits to his full eligibility!

Tailored Care Management (TCM) is a North Carolina initiative that focuses on supporting the whole person. Eligible Medicaid recipients who have mental health challenges and substance use disorders are assigned a designated care manager who helps remove barriers to whole person health and wellness. Dedicated care managers help the eligible Medicaid recipients work through what is needed for their mental and physical health in addition to assisting with other social determinants of health that include access and connections to food, housing and transportation.

Working together, the TCM team was able to help Irving find and move into a new setting and get the help he needs. In addition, the team was able to ensure Irving made it to his medical appointments in order to proceed with surgery. “The team helped me find a place that is pretty good. Now I’m safe, can get some rest and get my medical things done!” says Irving. Thanks to the PORT Health Tailored Care Management team, Irving is living a much better life!

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