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Easterseals UCP exists to deliver services that help individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges (and the people who love them). We don’t change the world for everyone. But we do help change the world for some – one at a time. One person, one family, one employee, one team, one community at a time. And that’s a big deal.

We are Easterseals UCP

Our team members bring our purpose to life each and every day! We provide meaningful and exceptional services so that children, adults and families with disabilities and mental health challenges can live, learn, work and play in their communities.

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Testimonies from those we support

Who we are Linda

Hi, I’m Linda

“Five years ago, my husband died tragically and I just couldn’t get my life together after that. I started using drugs and went to prison. When I got out, I vowed to never get high again but I had nowhere to go. Sometimes the wrong things happen for the right reasons. Alliance Healthcare, a managed care organization (MCO) for public behavioral healthcare introduced me to LeTisha, Josh and Meghan at Easterseals UCP and my life changed forever. ESUCP is my support right after God and my kids. Today, I’ve been clean for six years and I’m about to move into a new apartment.”

Stephen smiling

Stephen the Duck King!

“Cerebral palsy can be challenging but I am very independent. I’m very grateful for the support I receive from Easterseals UCP. I’m 25-years old and a rubber duckie collector. Today, I have about 600 rubber duckies and I bathe with 15 of them at a time. I love the classic yellow ones and the squeaky sound when you squeeze it. I’m inspired by Charlotte Lee, who has more than 9,000 rubber duckies. Maybe one day I will be like her and have a lot of rubber duckies!”

Who we are Brooke

Brooke with the Big Heart

Our unique sensABLE Snacks food truck serves as a learning lab for developing and building employment skills for participants in our Transition to Employment program. Bre, who is currently being nurtured through our Foster Care program, volunteered with sensABLE Snacks for a year and is now a paid intern. She has learned to work diligently until she gets it right. The team enjoys watching her learn new job skills and become more self-sufficient. She’s a wonderful person with a big heart. We can’t wait to see where Bre’s journey takes her.

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