Pharmacy Services

In-house pharmacy services

Easterseals PORT Health offers in-house pharmacy services exclusively for our patients who receive services at our outpatient clinics in Greenville and New Bern, NC. In addition, patients receiving services at any of our outpatient clinics in Eastern North Carolina can utilize our pharmacy services through convenient prescription delivery to one of our outpatient clinics for pick-up or delivery to patients’ home.

The RxLocal Mobile app provides a convenient way to stay connected to your pharmacy.


Our in-house pharmacy service improves patient care in three key ways:

  • Better Monitoring – By dispensing prescribed medication directly, Easterseals PORT Health’s providers and pharmacists are able to monitor patients much more closely to ensure they stick to their treatment plans.
  • Better Provider Collaboration – We help our patients avoid some of the challenges in getting their prescribed medication from other retail pharmacies. Port Health Pharmacies work directly with all providers, which saves time and allows patients to continue their treatment plans without interruptions.
  • Onsite Expertise – Easterseals PORT Health’s clinical pharmacists and the pharmacy team are experts in delivering treatment medications consistently, with the utmost care and safety for our patients.

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