Investing in Mission-Based Outcomes
Investing in Mission-Based Outcomes

Dr. Shanun Kunnavatana, the former Clinical Director of Easterseals UCP’s Autism + ABA Services, has become the Vice President of Outcomes at Easterseals UCP to support our focus on providing mission based outcomes.

mission-based-outcomes-with-Dr. KunnavatanaA big part of what makes Easterseals UCP different is a focused eye on how well we care for those we support. Last month, Dr. Shanun Kunnavatana was promoted to a new role, intentionally named Vice President of Outcomes, to support our focus on providing mission-based outcomes and solving problems.

Dr. Kunnavatana and her team will use data to inform innovative thinking in service delivery that promotes whole-person care and brings increased value to individuals, their families and our team members. Dr. Kunnavatana joined ESUCP in 2018 and with more than 21 years of experience using data to create solutions, she is the right person to lead our continued investment in mission-based outcomes.

Dr. Kunnavatana joined the conversation about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) on a podcast with Lisa Allred, author at SAS. Dr. Kunnavatana graciously joined the podcast to discuss children with autism. The conversation explored Applied Behavior Analysis as a therapeutic intervention, managing challenging behaviors, encouraging independence and more! Click here to listen.

Easterseals UCP Autism + ABA Services provides resources and services throughout a person’s lifespan.  Children’s Autism and ABA services include early intervention, outpatient services, after school and summer camp programs. Services for teens and young adults include many of the same services for younger children, in addition to transition to employment and wraparound programs.  For adults, Easterseals UCP offers employment and training, residential services and much more.

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Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia is a trustworthy, compassionate partner providing exceptional disability and behavioral health services to help our neighbors live their best lives. Purpose, dedication and empathy drive our service delivery. Our diverse and inclusive 2,300 member team provides more than 9 million hours of meaningful support to 22,000 kids, adults and families in 11,000 home and community locations.