EMPOWER Programs

Together we serve, we learn, we thrive!

We exist to provide a safe and fun environment where children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges can create memories and meaningful experiences through socially engaging activities. Accepted diagnoses include, but are not limited to, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental delay, autism, etc.

Engage participants through social activities.
Measure performance and success.
Promote fun, engaging and fulfilling experiences.
Outcome driven.
Wellness through recreation.
Encourage independence.
Respect each others’ differences.

EMPOWER programs are a haven of support and networking

Our team provides opportunities for recreation and wellness, employment, independent living and behavior management through activities and inclusion tailored to the participants’ specific needs.

Transition to Employment

Participants prepare for employment through career exploration, internships and sensABLE snacks learning labs (Ages 16+).

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Transition to Independent Living

Supporting young adults’ quests for independent living through a phased, experiential approach (Ages 16+).

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Wellness + Recreation for Adults

Participants enjoy arts and crafts, cooking activities, outdoor games, field trips, nature walks and service learning opportunities (Ages 16+).

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Wellness + Recreation for Youth

Participants enjoy socialization and support in afternoons, school holidays and breaks with after school and summer camp programs  (Ages 3 – High School).

trillium health resources logoFunding from Trillium Health Resources allows us to operate EMPOWER. Each program brings out the uniqueness of their specific community and provides an environment of learning and recreation

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