Vital Credentials

Did you know that Credentialing is vital to our organization and helps maintain the quality of our clinical support services? The Credentialing team validates the educational background, training and experience of our clinicians who provide direct services to those we support. They also manage data in multiple industry systems such as license checks, payor enrollments, re-enrollments, managing claims and share this data across the appropriate systems.

Pictured: Brett, Cheryl and Arthur

Pictured: Brett, Cheryl and Arthur

The team is led by Brett, the Director of Credentialing and Payor Enrollments. He joined the team two years ago and currently manages two Credentialing Specialists. Upon joining the team, Brett did a deep dive of what the team needed and how they could improve operations. As a result, he implemented new internal credentialing processes that created better workflows and efficiencies. In addition, he is a hands-on manager, who is able to quickly answer questions. By simply asking “how can I help” he and his team are able to resolve issues quickly and never let challenges stand in the way of moving forward.

“Brett has been a great addition to our team,” says Denise, Easterseals PORT Health’s Chief Compliance Officer and Brett’s manager. “He took a system that was broken and not only fixed it, but made it better than it has ever been. He has developed a team of competent and caring staff and has put the systems in place to help them support our organization. He is passionate about his team and their role here. We’re grateful to have him on our team!”

The Credentialing team manages a variety of information for our clinicians so they can focus on supporting clients. The more individuals our clinicians can support, the more people they are able to help!

“The progress our team has made with Brett’s guidance these past few years, is remarkable,” says Cheryl, Lead Credentialing Specialist. “Today, we have fewer claims denied and we are able to respond quickly to internal requests. Brett has set a high bar for how we manage credentialing and the entire team is very proud to support him!”

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