Family Peer Support Coordinator

Work Schedule: Full-Time hours- M-F 8:30am-5:00pm with some weekends


Position Summary: This position is responsible for providing and assisting parents/ caregivers of an individual with IDD and SMI/SED with an array of formal and informal services and supports. The Family Peer Support Coordinator is an employee that is also a parent/caregiver of an individual with IDD and SMI/SED. Specific supports include providing resources and information, providing support and empowerment, as well as building community collaboration and outreach. This position is responsible for ensuring best practices, supports based on the personal outcomes of the individual and/or family, compliance with all state, federal, and agency standards as required for assigned services


Essential Job Functions:

1.      Build trust and establish rapport, by using person centered dialogue to effectively communicate with parents/caregivers as well as community supports.

2.      Assist parents/caregivers during life transitions by educating them about systems, processes, and resources.

3.      Facilitate communication when needed between parents/caregivers and health care providers to ensure needs are adequate and met in a timely manner.

4.      Provide resources for the parents/caregivers on their parenting/caregiving journey to reduce isolation and feelings of stigma, blame, and hopelessness.

5.      Assist parents/caregivers to identify and contact service providers with expertise and skilled at working with those with IDD and SMI/SED.

6.      Assist parents/caregivers with preparing for meetings and accompany them when needed.

7.      Educate parents/caregivers about various funding sources available to them.

8.      Provide resource materials and directories to help parents/caregivers identify relevant services and sources.

9.      Perform outreach and engage with parents/caregivers to ensure information being provided is meeting their needs and progress is being made.

10.  Inform parents/caregivers about the grievance and appeals process for specific agencies.

11.  Plan, organize, and conduct parent/caregiver trainings or workshops.

12.  Plan, organize, and conduct quarterly sibling activities and/or family/caregiver activities.

13.  Perform outreach in the community to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and engage parents/caregivers in services.

14.  Facilitate meetings and connections with parents/caregivers to promote self-care, strengthen social connections, and decrease isolation.

15.  Assist parents/caregivers with identifying, connecting, and/or reconnecting to natural supports to participate and integrate into the community.

16.  Facilitate connections parents/caregivers and others with similar life experiences.

17.  Network and collaborate with the community to create resources to meet unmet needs,

18.  Help parents/caregivers get involved in leisure and recreational activities in their community.

19.  Completes all required documentation to ensure local, state, federal and Agency requirements are met.

20.  Maintains availability for parents/caregivers and Service Providers in times of emergencies.

21.  Maintains records in compliance with the MCO and ESUCP’s Quality Management requirements.

22.  Maintains regular attendance and punctuality, manages use of PTO time, and follows all policies and procedures regarding time off.

23.  Follows all ESUCP Policies and Procedures.

24.  Demonstrates Easter Seals valued behaviors of Accountability, Commitment and Caring as appropriate to position.

25.  Completes required training within prescribed timeframes.

26.  Performs related duties as requested

Supervisory Responsibility: None 


Minimum Qualifications:

·         Have personal experience as a parent/caregiver to care to a loved one with IDD and SMI/SED

·         High School diploma or equivalent appropriately accredited by the appropriate state department of education

·         A valid North Carolina driver’s license, good driving record and insurability is required.

·         Must have reliable transportation that will allow movement throughout the program delivery area.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

·         Knowledge of reputable sources to assist parents/caregivers in all areas of development.

·         Ability to manage diverse duties and multiple priorities.

·         Ability to maintain effective relationships with parents/caregivers, community agencies, and volunteers. 

Essential physical requirements:

·         Must possess the visual acuity to develop written correspondence and determine accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of the work assigned.

·         Must be able to physically perform the basic life operational functions of talking, hearing, sitting for long periods of time and performing repetitive motions, such as using a computer.

·         Must be able to speak audibly, write legibly and perform repetitive motions such as typing.



Work is done in office, homes and other community settings. 


We strive to attract and engage team members with diverse lived experiences. We intentionally seek out and value uniqueness across race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, personality, disability and age. 


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