Autism Acceptance Month

We’re celebrating life changing Autism and ABA services this Autism Acceptance Month!

The Easterseals Autism/ABA team works one-on-one with individuals between the ages of 2 and 21 years old to build communication, independence and life-changing social interaction skills. We use an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach that combines scientific understandings of behavior with teaching foundational skills focused on strengths (not challenges).

autism-acceptance-monthWhat is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects one in 44 children in the United States. Individuals living with autism have a wide range of abilities and can experience challenges throughout their lives, particularly with social interactions and communication. Our team partners with families to provide the right support, so individuals living with ASD are able to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our strengths-based culture changes lives.
Our Autism/ABA team strongly believes in the strengths-based culture Easterseals UCP has created. Working together, they match the strengths of team members to the needs of families to promote the best outcomes. To ensure the team’s culture is living up to expectations, we recently surveyed the team.

In March, the Autism/ABA team was asked if the work they do at Easterseals UCP resulted in meaningful change. 92% of the team responded “strongly agree” or “agree”. When asked if they are given opportunities and challenges that facilitate growth, 84% of the team responded, “strongly agree” or “agree”.

We are thrilled to see these results because it shows that our strengths-based culture is working! The Autism/ABA team can see the direct impact they’re having on people’s lives and they show up again and again for the families we support. Our Autism/ABA team offers in-home and center-based services. Learn more about Autism and ABA services!

About Easterseals UCP
Easterseals UCP North Carolina & Virginia is a trustworthy, compassionate partner providing exceptional disability and behavioral health services to help our neighbors live their best lives. Purpose, dedication and empathy drive our service delivery. Our diverse and inclusive 2,300 member team provides more than 9 million hours of meaningful support to 22,000 kids, adults and families in 11,000 home and community locations.

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